10 reasons to hire a home stager ?

Well, not just because we are amazing ! Most people are misinformed about the role of home stagers are that we just  come into the house and make it look "pretty" before it goes on sale. We just fluff a few pillows and move a few furniture pieces and make the house look better for the first open house . Well yes we do do that - of course we do , but there's a whole lot more to it .........

We can turn a house from average   ....... to WOW!

( Rebecca is part of the CSP staging team in vancouver www.stagingtraining.com )

Today i want to to explain to you WHY you should hire a home stager... so here's 10 reasons you can't afford to NOT hire me......

1) Home stagers can help you make money - and get top dollar for you home 

Look at this way , your house is probably your biggest investment. You have made the decision to sell your house and move on.  You really want your home to sell for the most amount of money possible. How are you going to get get maximum return on your investment? well hire me and ill show you.  A home stager will come to your home and conduct a thorough inspection of your house inside and out from the eyes of a prospective buyer. We will spend about an hour going through every room, every surface and give you a thorough report on what needs to be done to sell your house for the maximum amount.
Then once the work has been completed we return and that's when we make the magic happen. We know how to showcase the home to its maximum selling potential and make it shine!

2) Why do i need to hire a home stager in such a competitive market - my house will sell fast anyway? 

yes that true - in a hot market your average home can sell pretty quickly. And yes it's also true that other homes will sell quickly. But consider this... if there's 3 similar priced homes in your neighbourhood for sale, it means they are your competition .If there's 3 similar houses and they are all reasonably similarly priced and have similar upgrades....then how are you going to make your house stand out? By hiring a stager and getting it into the best shape possible, so it shines amongst the others. Maybe they have better light, or maybe they have better upgrades ? just how do you get that competitive edge over your competition and make yours more attractive ......hire a home stager ! we know how!

3) I can't afford a home stager !

Well this is a popular misconception. You actually can't afford NOT to ! Think about it.  If your house sits on the market for 60 days. What does that cost you? well probably at least $10, 000.....  once your listing goes stagnant ,and sits on the market for over a month, you've lost the sellers advantage. This means you are less likely to get get a flurry of activity and end up in a multiple bid situation. You will likely be advised by your realtor to reduce your price to encourage a quicker sale.  What's the cost of a home stager ? much less than your first price reduction. If you house is in the 500k mark, you'll probably have to reduce it $20 - $50 k......  that's probably 10 times more than it would have cost you to hire the stager in the first place..... can you afford to risk it ? i don't think so. 

4) will my realtor pay for a stager ? 

that depends ...... the simple answer is if he/she is smart and wants to sell your home for the most amount of money in the fastest time - then probably yes ! Most really successful realtors these days understand the value of home staging. They know the results and the simple fact that home staging helps sell houses . Some realtors that have several listings will probably cover your consultation. That's the initial inspection where you get your list of recommendations.  Some will pay for the showcasing also, some will not.  Either way with a great team of the homeowner, the realtor and the home stager on your side, you know you're doing everything you can to get the house sold as fast and for the most amount of money you can.

5) Am i going to have to do major renovations if i hire a home stager ?

well, probably not.  Our job as a home stager is to advise what minor improvements you need to do before putting the house on the market. Real estate is a fast paced business, and usually by the time you've contacted a realtor you are probably want to sell your house sooner rather than later. Major renovations can take time, and while improvements to your home definitely increase the value of your home, there's a lot of minor improvements that you can do, like a fresh coat of paint and some decluttering, which don't cost a lot of money and can be done under a time constraint. However - when the home stager comes to the house he/she WILL conduct a thorough inspection of your home from top to bottom. She probably will make recommendations, but if your budget and your strict timeline doesn't allow for these, we will work with what you've got!

6) 63% of people will pay more for a move-in ready home

A few years ago it was all the rage to buy the worst house on the street and sink a ton of money and a lot of of time into turning into the house of your dreams. With the popularity of HGTV shows like  Flip or flop and the The Property Brothers, we were all educated about putting money into your home, your investment, and when it was time to sell, we would be able to command a higher price. it's true ! Your home IS your best investment, but  in reality, we don't have deep pockets, 3 or 4 months to spare and life gets in the way, and even our best intentions get tiring. Renovating houses is a lot of work ! Over the past 10 years , people's' mindset has changed. The current generation would rather spend slightly more money and move in the house that's "finished " rather than a run down house with months if not years of work ahead of them. And who can blame them ?  We are busy and we need a break at the weekend not a honey-do list! Stats from real estate sources prove that in this day and age, 63% of people are willing to pay more for a move in ready home, and how are we going to get that done in a short period of time ? Hire a home stager and we'll do the work for you - so you don't have to! We can work together a team and get the most important things finished on time and with the biggest return on your investment!

7) My house isn't ready. Do i really need "great" photos to go on the web ? 

The Realtors will agree, the way your house is represented on the web is the probably most important first step you'll make when selling your house. Most potential buyers will spend hours on the web searching for their "perfect " new home. It makes sense. So really the pictures of your home, are the first impression, that buyers will get before they have even spoken to a realtor. So, you have maybe a minute at best, to make the "maybe " list. If there's a few houses on that list - how do you stand out? what is going to give you the seller's edge and makes your home more desirable than the others on that list ? great photos and great staging! Let us help you put your house on the TOP of the list!

8) First impressions count !

so, you made it through the maybe list and the future buyers of your home called a realtor. They make an appointment with the realtor and the home buying process for your future buyer begins. Armed with 3-4 listings to see in an afternoon, they set off on their exciting journey with high hopes and dreams about finding their dream home. How long do you think the first showing will be and how long will the potential buyers on average will spend in your home ?

3 minutes is average time for first house viewing

and how long do you think it takes for the potential buyers to decide whether this is the house for them and they can picture themselves living there ?

30 seconds to decide if this is the house for them

So you really don't have time to waste - what the buyers see when they first enter is it gonna be an woawww ? or is it gonna be a WOW!

9) Can a stager also help with the outside of the house and my curb appeal ?

Of course! the curb appeal of the home is the second most important step right after the amazing photos. Studies show that after the buyers have searched online and chosen their "list" of houses to view, they are very likely to do a couple of drive-by's to scope out the houses before their appointments to see inside. just for a look see. Quite often this drive by is at night after work. So it's super important to have the curb appeal and front of the house in ship shape BEFORE listing the house. That's where we can help. This is all included in the initial consultation and usually cost is covered by the realtor . Everything from the street needs to be in the best available condition, to make sure you stay on that buyers top list of houses to view. Check out my blog article about " The importance of curb appeal ". for more information.

10) Can a home stager help me pack up my stuff ?

YES ! as i mentioned the general perception is that home stagers just do the fun glamorous stuff, well that couldn't be further than the truth. That's about 5% of what we do and usually the last 30 minutes. Our job starts long before that.
step 1) the inspection - we go through your house and make recommendations on what needs to be done.
step 2) the work! we sit down with you at length and make a plan together. We will divide the work up and help you make a plan to get it all done in time. Yes we can help you pack, and delegate to a professional and organise a cleaner.
step 3) the showcasing - That when the home stagers really earn their value , they will work their magic ad showcase the house's best features, make it appear larger and more appealing to the buyers eye and yes, ......we may fluff a few of pillows 😉😉😉

Rebecca is a Professional Home Stager a CCSP         
(Certified Staging Professional) 
and a member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association).

Contact Rebecca and Clare on 604 902 1163 



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